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Holas mis amigos!

Wow. What is it with me and this non-updating trend?

So. School-sucks. As always. That hasnt changed at all.
Drama is becoming more and more time consuming but I guess I better be getting myself ready for all of those extremely long rehearsals.

Can I just say how exciting it was to get to watch everyone's audutions? So many people did SUCH a good job! We're not even close to getting the cast yet. We wont know anything until after call backs monday. Which I am also very pleased to say that we made the BEST decision EVER EVER possible for something. But I cant say anything else until everything is all posted.

But Im so happy about it!!!

I got a hair cut last week =)
I freaking LOVE Anthony Marino like.. more then life. He is the cutest little guy ever and I am always going to him for my hair. This was the first time I ever got layers which was exciting. But I just loved him so much! Hes so amazing!

Ok. Well Im so tired.. and I think Im gonna be working at the Swimming Hall of Fame tomorrow. So that means wake up early again. What else is knew?

If thats the case.. Im sure Ill be updating tomorrow.

Until then. I love you guys!

<3 Carlee Aiken
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