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"What a beautiful chocolate man. He he he he heee"

1. Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw you a picture, using the mighty MS Paint.

2. You have no say in what I draw you! Or in how much it will suck! (And believe me, it will!)

3. Put this in your journal. And the pic someone drew for you.

Kara rocks!

ANYWAYS. Whats up guys? I havent updated in so long. And Ive half-updated and then just deleted it like 100 times. I dunno. But I promise. I'll update this time. First time in like.. almost a month. Sowwy.

So Christmas break..

I have worked more days then Ive been home. Ive hung out with my friends 3 or 4 times. And I have not gotten more sleep then I do on school nights.

But it's been fun!

Im working at the Swimming Hall of Fame. I just sit in the museum from 9-5 and get $7 an hour. That doesnt sound like great money... But when your getting $56 a day for sitting on your butt and doing whatever you feel like doing. Its pretty easy money.

So thats cool.

I worked, starting the day after Christmas, 26-30 and then 2-5, the 7th, and today (the 9th). Im leaving here with $560!!!

Thats almost double what I have in my bank account. LoL. So Im pretty happy. Plus I got like $300 in Christmas money. So I would say that Im pretty rich. LoL.

Thursday was Erys birthday!! It was so nice. I think we were having some "communication problems" lol. It sounds so stupid.. but really we were. But I think, and hope that now everything is all better.

Me, Ery and Kara went to Saw Grass. We had lunch at the "Shescek" Factory and it was sooo good. Then we shopped around for a bit. We were in that Saks store for like a million ba-gillion hours. Air and Kara both got juicy shirts. Very cute. LoL. Then we went to Speks so I could get my Clay Aiken Christmas DVD, which Im so upset that I havent gotten yet. And the guy said that "the company sends back all of its unsold Christmas stuff after Christmas" and that "I probably cant get one until next Christmas" Stupid guy. Im sure I can find one somewhere. And if I cant I can always get it online.

Then yesterday I went to the beach with Jana Ashley and Pricilla. It was a lot of fun. Ashley and Pricilla are so nice! I got some nice color too. Mainly under my boobs.. which isnt the best place to get it.. But whatever.

Then last night Jana was gonna go to Round Up with Ashley and Pricilla but Pricilla couldnt go out.. So instead Ashley came over and we made lots of smores and watched White Chicks. It was fun. I'll post the pictures later.. I dont have my camera with me right now.

Yeah... so.. I thought my "friend" was coming all week. I have been very prepared for "her" all week. So when she didnt come by yesterday.. I stopped being prepared. Yeah. Well.. here I am at work.. and guess what! She suprised me! And Im SO not prepared... If you catch my drift.. LoL. Gross, huh?

Ok. Well.. thats all for now. Maybe Ill update later.. Being as its only 10:43 and Im here until 5 with nothing to do. But Bob's upstairs doing some work.. so I dont think I can be on the computer all day. I hope he leaves soon. Hes nice and all.. But Id rather him not be here. LoL.

Well Laurie just called and asked me to vacuum. So.. I'll go do that.


♥Carlee Aiken
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