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Back Again

Im back. LoL.


As soon as Bob left.. (He told me he'd be back in an hour or so) I locked the door, and put a sign up that said "Back in 10 Minutes" then I went over to the ultimately skeeevy 7-11. It was full of nasty old men staring at me. And there were a lot of people in there. So I didnt wanna just grab the box of tampons. LoL. So I was like walking around the store for a little.. waiting for it to clear out. Thank GOD I was on the phone with Jackie. LoL. It was like.. the scariest moment EVER. So after like 5 minutes.. some people were leaving and I figured if I didnt get in line soon.. I would just have to be in there a lot longer. So I grabbed the smallest box of tampons they had. And started walking to the counter like trying to hide it. LoL. I was so embarrassed. Ive never had to buy them before. Its different when your in like Publix or Walgreens or something.. But nope. I was in a nasty ass 7-11. So finally I get to the front of the line and the casheir guy is like a 7-foot tall black man with dreds and he was like trying not to smile or look at me... lol. It was pretty funny. But I got em. And now Im good.

LoL. What a lovely entry huh?

Someone PLEASE comment in my previous entry so I can draw you pictures! PLEASE? I really wanna. Its so fun! I promise Ill draw one for anyone who comments! =)

♥ Carlee

I think Ive listend to my Jesse CD like 100 times or more today. lol.
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