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Long Survery

200 questions...Take if you're BORED.

Created by InfamousInDeath and taken 226 times on bzoink!

Birthday:September 18th
Location:Cooper City FL
Moms name:Kim
dads name:Larry
Siblings names and ages:Jamie-22, Jana-19, Kayla-12, A Half Sister, Kristen- 35ish
food:potatoes (any kind) lol
band:Maroon 5
subject in school:Math
Hobby:Im not sure.
song:She Will Be Loved, Your Body is A Wonderland, Daughters, Measure of a Man
smell:Cake Batter
book:The Rescue or The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
CD:Right now probably Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
Album art:?
outfit:my american eagle jeans and.. any shirt. lol
season:fall in New York, winter in Florida
cartoon:Hey Arnold, or Doug! lol
movie:I have SO many! My BFs Wedding, How to Deal, Wedding Date, Notebook, Napoleon Dynamite, Moulin Rouge.. and SO many more
TV show:Days of Our Lives, Boy Meets World, Friends, Road Rules.. a lot
radio station:Y 100 or Lite FM.. lol
Computer game:PIN BALL!
Video game:Crash Bandicoot
color nailpolish:Pink
Person to call:It depends on my mood. Sometimes Jana, sometimes Air, Jackie or Kara.. lol. I dunno
Place to be:Home
Author:Nicholas Sparks
Book:Hey this is a repeat!
Store:American Eagle
Soda:I'm not really a soda person.. but I guess Wild Cherry Pepsi
Restaurant:Anthony's! And Macaroni Grill
State:I don't really have one. I like Florida and New York. And besides that, I LOVED Georgia and North Carolina at camp.
Country:America.. lol
x.musical questions.x
Have you ever been to a concert?yes
How many?Not including local bands.. like 6 or 7
What was your favorite?Clay Aiken.. DUH! =)
Have you ever met a band/singer?YES! Me and Erica met Vendetta Red and pretty much met Chris Carabba.. lol.
Did you have sex with them?no...
Because I would if I met
Are you a groupie?no
Do you wish you were?no
Are you in a band?no
Do you play an instrument?no.. I played the flute in 3rd grade, and the clarinete in 4th, 5th, and 6th. lol
Can you sing?hahaha
Have you ever been in a mosh pit?Ive seen one before
Did you actually mosh?no
Crowd surfed?no
Do you like rock music?yeah
If you don't, you
Do you like rap?not so much
If you do, you suck.ok
Been to warped tour?no. I'm always like getting back from vacation on the same day
Have you seen any band/singer more than once?yeah
If so, who?Kelly Clarkson
How many times?twice
Do you stalk them?no
I hope
Who do you want to see in concert?Maroon 5. And Clay again. And John Mayer. lol
Why havent you seen them yet?Because.. ?
Whats you're favorite song of all time?Thats so hard. Probably Your Body is a Wonderland or She WIll be Loved
Do you like acoustic?yes!!!
okay enough of this.ok
x.Love...and all that shit.x
Do you have a boy/girlfriend?nope
If so, whats their name?=(
How many people have you gone out with?I've never had an actual boyfriend... but I've kinda sort of dated a few guys.
Do you regret going out with any of them?Not anymore. I used to.
Have you ever been kissed?Yes.. lol
Are you a virgin?yeah
Why or why not?Because of a lot of reasons. I'd like to wait until I'm married.. but other then that because Im SOO not even close to being ready, and I havent been serious with anyone
Do you wish you were/werent?no. I like being one =)
Ever been in love?nooo
Ever had your heart broken?yeah. a little bit
Whats you're favorite place to go on a date?Um. I would like to go to the beach at night. That'd be so cute!
Whats the most important thing you look for in a guy/girl?Their personality I guess. Its kind of general.. but I dunno.. lol
Do looks matter?Id like to say no.
Honestly?Well.. you have to be attracted to eachother...
Liar.and when you really like someone no matter what they look like, they're cute to you because you like them. lol
Do you have a crush on anyone?<3 yeah
If so, who?Im pretty sure everyone knows.. lol
Do they know?yeah..
Do they like you back?unfortunatley he "just wants to be friends"
Have you ever asked anyone out?for erica.. lol
x.This or that.x
Warm or cold?it depends
Fire or water?OMG water! I HATE fire!
curly or straight?I like both
books or TV?TV
Phone or computer?it depends.. right now computer
Email or regular mail?regular mail =)
Chocolate or Vanilla?LMAO ERICA!!.. vanilla
Boys or girls?boys
Cell phone or regular phone?regular phone
Black or white?white (i'm not racist I swear!)
Crunchy or chewy?crunchy
big or small?it depends what your talking about
Run or walk?walk
Write or type?type
Headache or stomachache?headache.. I get them a lot anyway
Glasses or contacts?glasses
rock or rap?rock
Emo or screamo?emo
rap or hiphop?hip hop i guess?
Rock or pop?pop.. lol
Pop or Hip hop?pop
Rap or Shooting yourself in the head?rap
Long sleeve or short sleeve?it depends on the weather
Sneakers or heels?sneakers. i hate heels!
make up or no make up?eye makeup.. lol
Pants or shorts?pants
Shorts or skirts?skirts
boxers or briefs?I dont know.. lol
You or me?you
CD or tape?cd
Radio or CD?cd
DVD or VHS?dvd
summer or winter?both
Spring or Fall?in New York.. fall.. here.. Sping
this or that?this
In or out?In
x.Have you ever.x
smoked cigarettes?no
smoked something else?no
Please specify:lol
Done any other drugs?no
Do you drink?no
Drink and drive?no
Thats bad, you know.i know.. lol
Had an operation?I had gum surgery and ALMOST had knee surgery but the anesthesiologist said no =(
Been seriously ill?not too bad
Stayed overnight in a hospital?no
Gotten stitches?yeah.. in my mouth =(
Had pneumonia?no
I've had it ok
Flunked a class?no
Which class?none
Been held back in school?no
Been picked last in gym class?yeah. lol. Im not the most athletic person
Did it traumatize you forever?no
Bungee jumped?no
Sky dived?i wish!
Visited another country?Mexico.. but Im not sure that really counts.. lol
Gone on an airplane?yeah a lot
Driven without a license?no
Cheated on your significant other?no
Had a job?yeah
met someone famous?yeah
Stalked someone?haha. Only for Jana! =)
Been stalked?I hope not.
Pierced anything?My ears
Gotten a tattoo?no
Drank milk from the carton?lol yeah
Walked into a pole/wall/other solid object?haha. Yeah. A lot unfortunatley..
Gotten so drunk you puked?no
Gotten so drunk you couldnt remember it the next morning?no
Met someone off the internet?yeah
Gotten lost in your own town?yeah
Been on TV?yeah! When I won that mayor contest! And when me and Kelly went to the beach!
Been in the newspaper?yeah
Made a snowman?yeah
Had a snowball fight?yeah
made a silly survey like this?lol probably a long time ago
Do YoU tYpE LyKe DiS?Sometimes up and down in my profile but not "like dis"
Are you straight edge?I guess.. if that means good.. lol.
Are you emo?I like emo.. but im not really
I hate emo.ok
So. Whats your phone number?lol
Do you have a cell phone?yeah
Do you like nightmare before christmas?yeah its cute
How bout Alice in Wonderland?yeah. I liked the TV show
Did you wear Converse sneakers before they were cool?no.. lol
I did. I rock. But i dont wear them much anymore.ok
Did you know that Johnny Depp is the sexiest 40 year old ever?I didn't know he was 40!!
Whats on your computer desk?Here at work.. a newspaper.. a few magazines.. a calander and a lot of pens and rubber bands!
Whats the last book you read?Sons and Lovers.. ugh!
Do you sing in the shower?Yeah sometimes
Ever have a rubber ducky?no
What kind of shampoo do you use?Strawberry Suave
Are you preeeetty?I dunno
Do you have any posters on your walls?yeah
If so, of what?Clay, Sixteen Candles, random magazine posters
Do you own more than 10 pairs of jeans?yeah.. but I don't wear more then like.. 3 lol
Do you keep a journal?yeah..
Do you talk to yourself?lol. not really
How often do you brush your teeth?morning, night, and if I'm going out anywhere
Ever have braces?yeah
Do you...floss?when I have food stuck in my teeth. lol. I cant floss my bottoms because I have a permanent retainer.
its over was pretty long
cuz im outta questions.thats good
la la lala la la

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