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OpEn Up My EaGeR eYeS.. CaUsE iM mR bRiGhTSiDe!

Hey guys!
Well I haven't updated in a little bit.. but things have been ok. Not extraoridnarily great and deffinatley not bad.. but just good.

School's been kinda boring. I really just dont like going anymore. lol. No particular reason either.. I just dont like it.

Rehearsals suck.. as always. I always wish that I could just like... quit. Like I know if I wanted to bad enough I could.. but I cant. I hate going there and just sitting there.. but I know if I wasnt there I wouldnd be happy either.. cause Id be missing out on everyones lives. lol.

So for some new news.. Im doing sound for the Variety Show. Eeeeeeeee. Im a tid bit nervous. And Mrs Terl might be in the booth which would make me even more nervous. lol.

Speaking of Variety Show... lol.

Dont you just hate it that anytime you like someone.. they just seem to look right past you.. like.. they dont even notice you. And then the second you stop liking them its like BOOM (put it in the hoop like they notice you all of a sudden. Like a certain someone (not my most recent someone.. cause I still very much so like him.. but the someone before him). I dont know if its because Im seeing him more or if its because I dont like him anymore.. but he flirts with me now! He NEVER used to. EVER EVER EVER. And now.. we talk. And.. he flirts. lol. Its muy frustrating. Like.. a lot. lol. And its kind of confusing me.. because (I know this would never in a million years happen).. what if like... he does like me and he like.. asked me out. lol. I would want to hold back because of this other guy that I like EVEN THOUGH he just wants to be friends and would never like me more then that. Im just a freak.. I know. But those are the things I think about.


I have so much to read for english. I know everyone in my class thinks Im so annoying and immature for complaining about this book.. but OMG. This has to be the worst most disgusting book I have ever even heard about. Ew. Its just gross.

Ok well. I have to go read my porn now. UGH It makes me so angry!!! lol.

So I'll update soon.

And I'll also be reduing my journal a tid bit.. lol

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