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"Me... I'm Not A Stupid Face"- I LOVE MEAN BOYS!!

Im in a pretty good mood today. I don't know why.. maybe extra sleep? Who knows.

Last night I was at the CTV website and I loaded the Mean Boys movie onto my computer! OMG I love it so much! I forgot how funny it was! Justin is so hysterical! I love watching the old CTV's. Im watching one now. I love it!! haha

I reeeally want a new layout but I am so extremely lazy and my computer is soo slow that I dont want to do it. Does anyone want to make me a layout? I would love you forever!!

So yesterday Kayla was bored and her friends were all pre-occupied so she wanted to do something with me. lol. First we were gonna go to the mall and then she decided we should go see a movie. SO we went to see Ice Princess. It was sooooo good! I cried so much! It was one of those happy cries though. No one dies or anything.. lol.

Today I believe when my mommy gets back we're taking a trip to the mall. It should be oodles of fun. haha.

OOH Tonight Ashley is taking us to the premiere of Miss Congeniality 2! Im so excited! I hope its good!!


Speaking of Christopher..
Tomorrow is Erica's 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Its so crazy! Im so happy for her I cant even explain it. Cause like.. I remember in like 7th grade when she dated all those boys (cause she was a little playa.. haha) and then in 8th grade when she started going out with them for like a month at a time and things started getting more serious. And then Loren happened and she went out with him for a long time. And then she met Chris.. and it was like everything suddenly changed. She wasn't that girl who dated all of those boys in 7th grade. I think she really matured when she started going out with Chris. Aside from my parents and her parents.. I have never seen two people have so much respect for one another. And they're so responsible ans mature about everything they do.. but they're still so much fun to be around.
Ok.. Im done with my little speech. I just had to say how happy I am for them =)
Happy Anniversary loves! ♥

Anyways.. Im gonna go watch more CTV now. Ill update later. MUUAHS byeee

♥ Carlee Aiken
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