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iF hEaRtS wErE uNbReAkAbLe. . . . .</3 [entries|friends|calendar]

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I LOVE SUMMER! [Jun 8 05 ` 11 17 am]
[ mood | excited ]

Im just so happy lately =)
Me and Erica are hanging out so much more and I love it! We've only been on vacation for.. not even a week and Ive already been SHOPPING with her and her mom twice. lol. And Im not a shopper.. but it was so fun!
Its been a good summer so far. Completely random.. and weird.. but good =)
I can tell its gonna be a good one. Im just in one of those moods where you just kinda let things roll over you. and like.. Im trying not to let things bother me. And not even in a non-confrontaional kind of way.. but just like.. i wanna relax and have fun and not worry about whose amd at who and who isnt friends with who this week ya know?
I need a job like woah. Im thinking Jamba Juice. Perhaps my mommy will let me drive over there tomorrow or something.
Oh speaking of driving.. i got lessons today! lmao. I have an appointment for my test on friday. Im kinda nervous. But Al (my teacher) was really cool. He was funny and nice and took me all over the place. It was fun. I have another class thing tomorrow. So hopefully I'll pass my test. And hopefully I'll be able to drive eventually.

Another bit of news: I started weight watchers with Jana and April! We started 3 weeks ago.. I didnt go to the meeting yesterday so I dont know how much Ive lost this week.. but so far I know Ive lost 5 1/2 pounds! Its awesome! My goal is like20, 25 pounds. For my height I need to be lighter. lol. its cool.

Ok well I think Im donw updating now. Im sure I wont update for a while again. lol. ttyl

♥ CaRLeE


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iN tHe CoMpUtEr LaB....... WOOP WOOP! lol [May 6 05 ` 8 30 am]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow. How long has it been since I updated? Haha. Sorry guys.
States was pretty awesome! I really had a good time. Im so happy that me and Ery and Kara and Jackie roomed together. It wouldnt have been half as good if we didnt.
Our troup did really well. We got a SUPERIOR TECH on Love Letters and an Excellent Performance. Jason, and Sam got superiors on their monologues. Jackie and Katie and Julie got an Excellent on their scene (even though they should have gotten a superior). I think Allison got an Excellent on her monologue but I dont remember. (Sorry Spanky.. I still love you though!)
ANYWAYS. Freakin Jenna and Yelena got to room like.. pretty much with Jonny Florez. haha. They had one of those connecting rooms. How? I dunno. But I wish it was our room! Me and Kara were in there all the time anyways. lol. Until Mrs Terl freaked out and didnt let us socialize with the opposite sex! haha. It was pretty funny though.
So on the last day.. I met this boy named Seth who was so adorable and he was my "date to the dance" haha. He was a mime! lmao. He was a cutie. And so.. at Closing Ceremonies.. Mrs Terl decides to tell us that we're all in trouble and she needed to talk to us afterwards. So.. we got "talked to" lol. No need to say more. And then we got to go to the dance and it was a lot of fun. I can really say that I like all of the people on my troup now. I mean sure, theres a few exceptions.. but for the most part.. everyones pretty cool.
So since states.. things have been the same old. School sucks. 4 weeks from yesterday is our last day! I cant wait! This summers gonna be hectic. June 2nd is the last day of school. June 4th is my SAT's. June 10th I get my license (hopefully)and then after that is my surgery! eee.

I g2g. We are being excommunicated from the computer lab. Ill update later!

♥Carlee Aiken

PS. I LOVE Constantine on American Idol and when he got kicked off it was the second worse episode EVER! But this week when Scott left.. It was pretty much the best episode! =)

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[ mood | nervous ]

Hey guys

(who is guys, you ask? it's Jana)

My sister is a crazy foo!

Well I just wanted to update quickly and say that I am leaving for States.
So.. I guess I'll see you "guys" on sunday when I get back.

Wish me luck... Seriously.. lol
(Im not preforming or anything.. just going. haha)

♥Carlee Aiken

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"Me... I'm Not A Stupid Face"- I LOVE MEAN BOYS!! [Mar 22 05 ` 12 01 pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Im in a pretty good mood today. I don't know why.. maybe extra sleep? Who knows.

Last night I was at the CTV website and I loaded the Mean Boys movie onto my computer! OMG I love it so much! I forgot how funny it was! Justin is so hysterical! I love watching the old CTV's. Im watching one now. I love it!! haha

I reeeally want a new layout but I am so extremely lazy and my computer is soo slow that I dont want to do it. Does anyone want to make me a layout? I would love you forever!!

So yesterday Kayla was bored and her friends were all pre-occupied so she wanted to do something with me. lol. First we were gonna go to the mall and then she decided we should go see a movie. SO we went to see Ice Princess. It was sooooo good! I cried so much! It was one of those happy cries though. No one dies or anything.. lol.

Today I believe when my mommy gets back we're taking a trip to the mall. It should be oodles of fun. haha.

OOH Tonight Ashley is taking us to the premiere of Miss Congeniality 2! Im so excited! I hope its good!!


Speaking of Christopher..
Tomorrow is Erica's 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Its so crazy! Im so happy for her I cant even explain it. Cause like.. I remember in like 7th grade when she dated all those boys (cause she was a little playa.. haha) and then in 8th grade when she started going out with them for like a month at a time and things started getting more serious. And then Loren happened and she went out with him for a long time. And then she met Chris.. and it was like everything suddenly changed. She wasn't that girl who dated all of those boys in 7th grade. I think she really matured when she started going out with Chris. Aside from my parents and her parents.. I have never seen two people have so much respect for one another. And they're so responsible ans mature about everything they do.. but they're still so much fun to be around.
Ok.. Im done with my little speech. I just had to say how happy I am for them =)
Happy Anniversary loves! ♥

Anyways.. Im gonna go watch more CTV now. Ill update later. MUUAHS byeee

♥ Carlee Aiken

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WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE IN THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW?? lol [Mar 20 05 ` 12 47 pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I've started updating like 100 times and then just got bored and gave up. But I'm really updating now. lol.

Well the last time I was wrote I was just upset cause of this thing that happened that doesn't even seem important anymore.

But the time before that I talked about how I was doing sound for the Variety Show. Well.. I did it. lol. It went pretty well. Thursday night SUCKED majorly cause Mr Brunt decided he wanted to control the mic's on the PA system from the audience.. and yeah.. it didn't work out so well. So then Friday.. Joey Kadin.. being the genius that he is... figured out how to use our monitors and everything sounded great!

I realized something doing the Variety Show. I realized it that Friday (so like.. a little over a week ago). I realized that I like someone a lot more then Ricky. You all know who it is... but for the sake of weird people randomly reading my journal.. lets just call him J. Remember how I said he started flirting with me when I stopped liking him? Well I don't know if thats what started it.. or if it was cause I was spending so much more time with him.. but the feelings came back. Really strong. I knew I still liked him.. but until right before the show on Friday I thought I liked Ricky more. When we got there for rehearsal I sat with him in Mr Brunts room and helped him edit his movie. It was awesome. lol. It was just the two of us.. haha. I loved it. Then I had to go back for the show. But it was fun while it lasted! Then when everyone started coming in.. I saw Mr. Ricky. I was freaking out. Like I was so happy to see him and I went to say hi and he gave me a hug and.. I was happy. But then I went back up to the booth and J came up to ask a question and I was just so much happier to see him. Like.. I liked Ricky when Im around him. Like when Im talking to him or when I see him in the hall.. But I like J all the time. Like.. it never goes away. So I dunno.

But I told Keith that I liked him and he said he would talk to him but I dunno if he has yet or not. It was so cute! On Wednesday during the 10 minute break between exams we were standing near them and (they all were talking about Tully's Europe trip) I was asking him if he was excited about going to Italy and everything and he was saying how he wasn't packed yet and I was telling him how to fold his shirts and everything. It sounds so stupid but it was so adorable! I was making him laugh =). It was so cute! lol. I love him!

Anyways... Exams were aright. Hrabak's was hard. It was all essays and I didn't finish. I hope I got at least a C though.. so I can keep my A. But then Mrs. Lashbrooks exam was really long.. but it wasn't really hard. So it was pretty good. Then Mrs. Terls we just got a grade for participating. And in Gali's class I got an A on the test! lol. Its so funny! Cause on my index card I put all of the diagrams, prefixes, and essays. I wasnt really worried about the multiple choice. So Josh (who luckily got seated next to me) had all of the multiple choice on his index card and nothing else. So we helped eachother out.. lol. It was good.

Bye Bye Birdies moving along.. slowly. I hope it comes out good. As much as I hate doing it.. Ive been doing it for so long that I really hope it comes out good.

States is coming up in like.. 2 weeks. Scary. Im so not ready. Im kinda excited. But not like EXTREMELY. I dunno. I just hope we dont fight or anything. I hope its good.

So this weekends been pretty good. Erica's sicky so she couldn't hang out with us =( but when she feels better we deffinately have to do something.

Wednesday after exams we went to the mall to wat lunch before rehearsal (Me Kara and Emily).. OOH before I forget to mention it.. Emily and Adam are going out now!!! =)
Anyways.. we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Afterwards we were just walking around and guess who I saw? Kellan! lol. It was so weird. My heart seriously went straight to my stomach when I saw him. Its not that I still like him.. I guess its just that I never see him so when I do I get really excited cause he was a big thing to me.. I dunno. He was nice.. lol. Then we went to rehearsal.. and that was stupid.
Then thursday after exams I went to the mall again with Jana and Mommy and we didnt really get anything then Mommy dropped me and Neen off at Old Navy and I bought an outfit that Ive been dying for!! Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got a frappacinno and Jana got the Snapple Facts book. Then we waited outside for Jamie and read all the facts. There so interesting. And random. But really interesting. lol.
Then Friday me and Emily went to Beverly HIlls Cage for lunch and then she drove to rehearsal. Woo. lol. Shes a good driver! (I wore my new outfit!!) Then after rehearsal we went to play Lazer Tag! OMG It was SOO fun! I tried to make my name "LAZ-BO" but "hot lava" (The guy that worked there) said it wasn't family friendly.. so I made it "Bo-LAZ" instead. It was still funny. lol. Lazer tag is the best thing ever! Haha! Its a big dark maze with Michael Myers music playing and just like 30 people running around shooting at eachother! It was so fun! We played 3 games. My second name was CLAY AIKEN and my third was STIFFLER. lol. I did the best as Clay. My startegy was to just stay upstairs and shoot at people from over the railings and stuff. lol. It worked. I placed 9th. haha. It was so fun!
Then yesterday after rehearsal Kara was gonna come watch Raise Your Voice but we decided to go see the Ring 2 instead. So we went to the AMC Ridge plaza and met up with Jon and Matt Marina and James somebody and we saw the movie. Haha. it really was a joke! Like parts of if were ok.. but other parts were just so stupid! It reminded me of something we would play with the girls when we were little back in out "Murderer in the Creek" days. haha. Like with the well and everything. lol. It was pretty comical. After that we were gonna go to Chocolate Mousse but its 21 and over.. so we were thinking of what to do when Jonny Florez came and met us there. It was pretty random.. And we were sitting around talking for a while when Jonny and whoever his friend was decided they wanted to go to Hard Rock. So they told us to follow them and meet up there but me and Kara being goody goodies decided it would not be the smartest thing in the world to go to Hard Rock with boys who dont know much english. SO we told them Jon needed a ride home and we'd call them after we dropped him off. So we called him at like 11:30 and said that I needed to be home and we'd hang out some other time. haha. It was so funny! Jonny's so hot but his friend was so weird!
And today Im just hanging out.. lol.

And Im gonna go now.. but maybe I'll update later or something.


♥Carlee Aiken

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=( [Mar 5 05 ` 8 21 pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

people really know how to suck

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OpEn Up My EaGeR eYeS.. CaUsE iM mR bRiGhTSiDe! [Mar 1 05 ` 6 50 pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey guys!
Well I haven't updated in a little bit.. but things have been ok. Not extraoridnarily great and deffinatley not bad.. but just good.

School's been kinda boring. I really just dont like going anymore. lol. No particular reason either.. I just dont like it.

Rehearsals suck.. as always. I always wish that I could just like... quit. Like I know if I wanted to bad enough I could.. but I cant. I hate going there and just sitting there.. but I know if I wasnt there I wouldnd be happy either.. cause Id be missing out on everyones lives. lol.

So for some new news.. Im doing sound for the Variety Show. Eeeeeeeee. Im a tid bit nervous. And Mrs Terl might be in the booth which would make me even more nervous. lol.

Speaking of Variety Show... lol.

Dont you just hate it that anytime you like someone.. they just seem to look right past you.. like.. they dont even notice you. And then the second you stop liking them its like BOOM (put it in the hoop like SLAM..lol) they notice you all of a sudden. Like a certain someone (not my most recent someone.. cause I still very much so like him.. but the someone before him). I dont know if its because Im seeing him more or if its because I dont like him anymore.. but he flirts with me now! He NEVER used to. EVER EVER EVER. And now.. we talk. And.. he flirts. lol. Its muy frustrating. Like.. a lot. lol. And its kind of confusing me.. because (I know this would never in a million years happen).. what if like... he does like me and he like.. asked me out. lol. I would want to hold back because of this other guy that I like EVEN THOUGH he just wants to be friends and would never like me more then that. Im just a freak.. I know. But those are the things I think about.


I have so much to read for english. I know everyone in my class thinks Im so annoying and immature for complaining about this book.. but OMG. This has to be the worst most disgusting book I have ever even heard about. Ew. Its just gross.

Ok well. I have to go read my porn now. UGH It makes me so angry!!! lol.

So I'll update soon.

And I'll also be reduing my journal a tid bit.. lol


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Don't wast your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head. I miss you [Feb 19 05 ` 2 10 pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This was a pretty ok week I guess. It started out really good.. and went downhill from there.

Monday was like.. the best Valentines Day EVER. Haha. maybe.
Erica brought us all roses and Emily gave me a Dove chocolate rose thing. Mmm.
I did my Peer Counseling collage. OMG. It was so bad. I wasn't nervous at all.. but when I got up there I just went blank. The only thing I could really talk about was Jana.. lol. And I cried about her accident again =(. But yeah.. I barely talked about anything.
And then in third hour we got singing telegrams. OMG I love them so much! They're so funny! And I got kisses from Emily. So when I got my kisses.. I started to get so nervous because I knew that Ricky either got mine already or was getting mine soon.
So then at lunch.. I was sitting there wondering if he was gonna come say anything. And all of a sudden.. he came into the ampitheatre and started running to my table. He came over and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and just kept telling me how sweet it was and everything. =)
Then Bobby was like "Hey Ricky.. you still have your heart" and he was like "Yeah... " and Bobby was like "Hey! Carlee.. you still have your heart too!" and so Ricky goes "Wanna trade?" lol. It sounds so dumb.. but it was so adorable! So I was in my glory for the rest of the day. Haha.
Then tuesday we did this decision making lesson in Peer Counceling and Mrs Lashbrook was talking about how you can reverse almost every decision you make.. if you later decide that it was a bad decision. lol. But she said if you don't decide to do whatever it is your thinking about doing.. You'll never know what could have happened. So when I went home.. me and Jana were talking about Ricky. About how hes WAY too scared to ever say he liked me even if he did. And how someone else might tell him that they like him first and I'll lose my chance. And a bunch of stuff. So we wrote him a note.. lol. It was a good note. It wasn't obnoxious or anything.. and it said that I liked having him as a friend.. and stuff like that.
I also got my little friend on Tuesday which was SO weird cause I had her last month too! lol.
So Wednesday.. I was gonna give it to him after 1st hour. But some stupid kid decieded to put powder in a ziplock bag and put it in the computer lab. So.. we had an "anthrax scare" and all of the classes had to get out of the English hallway. So for second hour I had to go to the auditorium. A really funny thing happened with Melisa and Brent.. lol..
And I was talking to Mrs. Lashbrook about how I was gonna "decide to do my decision" but couldn't because I didn't see him after 1st hour. lol.
So then after 2nd hour.. when I was standing with Kara.. he came over and was talking to me.. so I got brave.. and I was like "Hey.. I uuuh wrote you a note" lol. OMG it was SOOOO hard to give it to him.. so then I just walked to third hour.. pretty much a nervous wreck. And so until lunch I felt like I was gonna throw up. Im surprised I didn't. And at lunch I couldnt even move. I was SOO nervous. So I finally saw him coming over and I was like shaking. And he ran over like he did on monday. It was cute and he gave me a big hug and sat next to me and was saying how brave that was and how cute it was and how he thought something was going on. Then he said how we should deffinatley hang out more and THEN he said "but I think we should just be friends" which crushed me.
I felt better about telling him.. But I was so upset. And I didn't really say much the rest of lunch. So when I went to 4th hour.. Yelena asked me what was wrong and when I told her she was like "aww don't be upset" so.. naturally.. I cried. I hate crying in front of people. It wasnt like lose control crying.. It was just kind of like my eyes were watering. I was so sad =(. And I think Ricky's friend Mark saw me which is bad. Then I took the hardest test ever! Then I saw him after class and smiled.. cause I didn't wanna look stupid and he smiled too but like a "Im sorry Im such a jerk but Im not really one" smile.. lol.
Then I found Emily and we talked to her "cousin" and as we were walking to my moms car I cried again cause Im a big baby. lol. Then we went to my house and watched some Jimmy Fallon. AND WE'RE BAAAAAAAAACK lol.
Then we went over to Mr. Mullers house. It was fun. Instead of doing our project we watched the OC. lol.
Then I went home and felt sorry for myself. I was watching Days and waiting for Jana and my mom to get home with dinner when my phone wrang. I didn't recognize the number but I answered anyway and as soon as I did I realized who it was... Ricky. He was like "Hey Carlee! Whats up?......... its Ricky" lol. And he was like "so... uuh. how was your day?" and I was like "It was fine" (even though I was totally lying!) and he was like "I reealy hope I didnt ruin it. Im so sorry." and I was like "its ok. realy" lol. and we talked for like 15.. 20 minutes. It made it so much easier. It was so nice of him too. He said we're gonna hang out this weekend.. but he hasn't called. So.. We'll see. But it deffinatley made it not weird. Because now he knows how I feel and I know how he feels.. and we're gonna hang out more. So its all good.

Then thursday I felt sick all day cause of my "friend" and left during Terls class.. which she didn't seem to be too happy about. Whatever. Then I bought Raise Your Voice.. even though Ive never seen it. lol.
Jana took me and Wa to Coldstones before OC. lol. So that was good.
Then I went to sleep at like 10 cause I just didnt feel good.
Yesterday I had to go to rehearsal. SO fun.. lol. NOT.
Then last night me and Ashley hung out! It was fun. She came over and we had chinese food and then we went to get Java Chips! And then when we got back.. the plan was to wait a half hour for Jana and then watch Raise Your Voice... but instead we called our friends.. and talked to them. lol. It was so fun!

Then after 5 hours of sleep.. I got to come here! The Hall of Fame. SO fun! At least Im getting paid though. Thats good. And Lori's gonna give me service hours.. so thats good too!

Ok well.. I g2g now. But maybe I'll update late. Love yooous! MUUAHS


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Long Survery [Feb 19 05 ` 1 58 pm]
[ mood | bored ]

200 questions...Take if you're BORED.

Created by InfamousInDeath and taken 226 times on bzoink!

Birthday:September 18th
Location:Cooper City FL
Moms name:Kim
dads name:Larry
Siblings names and ages:Jamie-22, Jana-19, Kayla-12, A Half Sister, Kristen- 35ish
food:potatoes (any kind) lol
band:Maroon 5
subject in school:Math
Hobby:Im not sure.
song:She Will Be Loved, Your Body is A Wonderland, Daughters, Measure of a Man
smell:Cake Batter
book:The Rescue or The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
CD:Right now probably Kelly Clarkson Breakaway
Album art:?
outfit:my american eagle jeans and.. any shirt. lol
season:fall in New York, winter in Florida
cartoon:Hey Arnold, or Doug! lol
movie:I have SO many! My BFs Wedding, How to Deal, Wedding Date, Notebook, Napoleon Dynamite, Moulin Rouge.. and SO many more
TV show:Days of Our Lives, Boy Meets World, Friends, Road Rules.. a lot
radio station:Y 100 or Lite FM.. lol
Computer game:PIN BALL!
Video game:Crash Bandicoot
color nailpolish:Pink
Person to call:It depends on my mood. Sometimes Jana, sometimes Air, Jackie or Kara.. lol. I dunno
Place to be:Home
Author:Nicholas Sparks
Book:Hey this is a repeat!
Store:American Eagle
Soda:I'm not really a soda person.. but I guess Wild Cherry Pepsi
Restaurant:Anthony's! And Macaroni Grill
State:I don't really have one. I like Florida and New York. And besides that, I LOVED Georgia and North Carolina at camp.
Country:America.. lol
x.musical questions.x
Have you ever been to a concert?yes
How many?Not including local bands.. like 6 or 7
What was your favorite?Clay Aiken.. DUH! =)
Have you ever met a band/singer?YES! Me and Erica met Vendetta Red and pretty much met Chris Carabba.. lol.
Did you have sex with them?no...
Because I would if I met them.lol.
Are you a groupie?no
Do you wish you were?no
Are you in a band?no
Do you play an instrument?no.. I played the flute in 3rd grade, and the clarinete in 4th, 5th, and 6th. lol
Can you sing?hahaha
Have you ever been in a mosh pit?Ive seen one before
Did you actually mosh?no
Crowd surfed?no
Do you like rock music?yeah
If you don't, you suck.lol
Do you like rap?not so much
If you do, you suck.ok
Been to warped tour?no. I'm always like getting back from vacation on the same day
Have you seen any band/singer more than once?yeah
If so, who?Kelly Clarkson
How many times?twice
Do you stalk them?no
I hope not.lol
Who do you want to see in concert?Maroon 5. And Clay again. And John Mayer. lol
Why havent you seen them yet?Because.. ?
Whats you're favorite song of all time?Thats so hard. Probably Your Body is a Wonderland or She WIll be Loved
Do you like acoustic?yes!!!
okay enough of this.ok
x.Love...and all that shit.x
Do you have a boy/girlfriend?nope
If so, whats their name?=(
How many people have you gone out with?I've never had an actual boyfriend... but I've kinda sort of dated a few guys.
Do you regret going out with any of them?Not anymore. I used to.
Have you ever been kissed?Yes.. lol
Are you a virgin?yeah
Why or why not?Because of a lot of reasons. I'd like to wait until I'm married.. but other then that because Im SOO not even close to being ready, and I havent been serious with anyone
Do you wish you were/werent?no. I like being one =)
Ever been in love?nooo
Ever had your heart broken?yeah. a little bit
Whats you're favorite place to go on a date?Um. I would like to go to the beach at night. That'd be so cute!
Whats the most important thing you look for in a guy/girl?Their personality I guess. Its kind of general.. but I dunno.. lol
Do looks matter?Id like to say no.
Honestly?Well.. you have to be attracted to eachother...
Liar.and when you really like someone no matter what they look like, they're cute to you because you like them. lol
Do you have a crush on anyone?<3 yeah
If so, who?Im pretty sure everyone knows.. lol
Do they know?yeah..
Do they like you back?unfortunatley he "just wants to be friends"
Have you ever asked anyone out?for erica.. lol
x.This or that.x
Warm or cold?it depends
Fire or water?OMG water! I HATE fire!
curly or straight?I like both
books or TV?TV
Phone or computer?it depends.. right now computer
Email or regular mail?regular mail =)
Chocolate or Vanilla?LMAO ERICA!!.. vanilla
Boys or girls?boys
Cell phone or regular phone?regular phone
Black or white?white (i'm not racist I swear!)
Crunchy or chewy?crunchy
big or small?it depends what your talking about
Run or walk?walk
Write or type?type
Headache or stomachache?headache.. I get them a lot anyway
Glasses or contacts?glasses
rock or rap?rock
Emo or screamo?emo
rap or hiphop?hip hop i guess?
Rock or pop?pop.. lol
Pop or Hip hop?pop
Rap or Shooting yourself in the head?rap
Long sleeve or short sleeve?it depends on the weather
Sneakers or heels?sneakers. i hate heels!
make up or no make up?eye makeup.. lol
Pants or shorts?pants
Shorts or skirts?skirts
boxers or briefs?I dont know.. lol
You or me?you
CD or tape?cd
Radio or CD?cd
DVD or VHS?dvd
summer or winter?both
Spring or Fall?in New York.. fall.. here.. Sping
this or that?this
In or out?In
x.Have you ever.x
smoked cigarettes?no
smoked something else?no
Please specify:lol
Done any other drugs?no
Do you drink?no
Drink and drive?no
Thats bad, you know.i know.. lol
Had an operation?I had gum surgery and ALMOST had knee surgery but the anesthesiologist said no =(
Been seriously ill?not too bad
Stayed overnight in a hospital?no
Gotten stitches?yeah.. in my mouth =(
Had pneumonia?no
I've had it twice.lol.. ok
Flunked a class?no
Which class?none
Been held back in school?no
Been picked last in gym class?yeah. lol. Im not the most athletic person
Did it traumatize you forever?no
Bungee jumped?no
Sky dived?i wish!
Visited another country?Mexico.. but Im not sure that really counts.. lol
Gone on an airplane?yeah a lot
Driven without a license?no
Cheated on your significant other?no
Had a job?yeah
met someone famous?yeah
Stalked someone?haha. Only for Jana! =)
Been stalked?I hope not.
Pierced anything?My ears
Gotten a tattoo?no
Drank milk from the carton?lol yeah
Walked into a pole/wall/other solid object?haha. Yeah. A lot unfortunatley..
Gotten so drunk you puked?no
Gotten so drunk you couldnt remember it the next morning?no
Met someone off the internet?yeah
Gotten lost in your own town?yeah
Been on TV?yeah! When I won that mayor contest! And when me and Kelly went to the beach!
Been in the newspaper?yeah
Made a snowman?yeah
Had a snowball fight?yeah
made a silly survey like this?lol probably a long time ago
Do YoU tYpE LyKe DiS?Sometimes up and down in my profile but not "like dis"
Are you straight edge?I guess.. if that means good.. lol.
Are you emo?I like emo.. but im not really
I hate emo.ok
So. Whats your phone number?lol
Do you have a cell phone?yeah
Do you like nightmare before christmas?yeah its cute
How bout Alice in Wonderland?yeah. I liked the TV show
Did you wear Converse sneakers before they were cool?no.. lol
I did. I rock. But i dont wear them much anymore.ok
Did you know that Johnny Depp is the sexiest 40 year old ever?I didn't know he was 40!!
Whats on your computer desk?Here at work.. a newspaper.. a few magazines.. a calander and a lot of pens and rubber bands!
Whats the last book you read?Sons and Lovers.. ugh!
Do you sing in the shower?Yeah sometimes
Ever have a rubber ducky?no
What kind of shampoo do you use?Strawberry Suave
Are you preeeetty?I dunno
Do you have any posters on your walls?yeah
If so, of what?Clay, Sixteen Candles, random magazine posters
Do you own more than 10 pairs of jeans?yeah.. but I don't wear more then like.. 3 lol
Do you keep a journal?yeah..
Do you talk to yourself?lol. not really
How often do you brush your teeth?morning, night, and if I'm going out anywhere
Ever have braces?yeah
Do you...floss?when I have food stuck in my teeth. lol. I cant floss my bottoms because I have a permanent retainer.
its over now.it was pretty long
cuz im outta questions.thats good
la la lala la la

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[Feb 14 05 ` 9 53 pm]
[ mood | loved ]

title or description

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i WaNt ThAt OnE! <3 [Feb 3 05 ` 6 43 pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well I havent written in quite sometime.
Whats new with me.. Hmmmm
We had One-Acts. Oh Boy. Well.. We're going to states! It was a huge surprise for me. I didn't think that we had a chance of going. Actually.. to be honest I thought we were gonna embarrass ourselves. But we didn't. They did a really good job! And of course the sound was the best part.. duh!
Western is also go to states. They had the most amazing one act in the world! It was called "The Yellow Boat" and it was about a hemophiliac who gets aids.. It was the saddest thing ever. I cried my eyes out! It was so good. And Brenan Murray was SO cute! Andrew Slane was the main part and he got best actor for it. Sam got best actress. Im glad she did.. but I didn't think she was going to. I dunno. It was werid.
Anyways.. afterward.. Kara picked me up and we went to Cheeburger for Emily's birthday. It was fun. After that.. we were dancing like idiots in the street (Cause the song was on.. lol) and we met Eric. The most perfect guy ever. lol.


Ive went driving in the Mini Cooper this weekend!!!! I loved it so much. My dad took me. Just around Embassy Place for a little while. It was good. I love that car!!

OMG. The scariest thing happened yesterday! Jana and my mom got into a car accident! They're both fine.. but it was so scary! They were coming out of Bahama Breeze and there was a postal service truck speeding down the sidewalk right for Jana's car! Luckily.. a lady pulled up like next to Jana I guess and the truck hit her car, which hit Janas car, and .. yeah. Her drivers side is completely trashed. Her window fell like.. on her. And the weirdest thing is that she didn't get a scratch on her! Thank God! I mean.. if the lady never came next to her.. Jana wouldn't be here right now. Its so scary to think about that. It really freaks me out. Ive never been so worried in my life. Even though I knew they were both fine.. I was soooo afraid of what might have happened. I dunno. Im just so glad that they're both ok.

On a happier note.. things with me and my "boyfriend" (lol) are progressing slowly. I think he knows I like him. lol. I cant be sure.. cause I havent said anything.. but.. I dunno. I hope he knows. I really like him.

Ok. well... this is gonna be all for now cause I have a ton of homework AND the OC is on tonight!! Ill update soon. Muahs!

♥ Carlee Aiken

HaPpY BiRtHdAy JaNa! (On SaTuRdAy!!!)

PS. The fab four are all in a room together for states! YES

PPS. Did I mention how much I HATE drama? And Bye Bye Birdie??
.... well I do!

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I really like him =) [Jan 17 05 ` 9 41 pm]
[ mood | happy ]


Wow. What an amazing week (end). Surprisingly!

I wasn’t really expecting this week to be so great, considering it was the first week back to school, I had my period, and I had to be as school every day until 9:00. But everything turned out for the best!

I think I’m really gonna enjoy my classes. I have a good schedule. I have English first hour with Hrabak. He’s pretty tough, but I think overall it’s gonna be a really good class. Then second hour I have Peer Counseling. I love it! We haven’t even done much yet, but I still really like it. Then I have drama third hour. I like being in the class, but sometimes it’s a little much to see the same people for 90 minutes during the school day, and then for another few hours after school. I dunno. Hopefully when the play starts Mrs. Terl will be easy on us =/. Last, I have Anatomy. SO BORING! I hope once the dissections start I’ll be more into it. It’s a good class, but I really just wanna sleep during it. All Mr. Gallimore does is lecture.

Rehearsals have been ok. Love Letters is pretty boring for me to sit through. All I do is bring up the music slowly in the beginning, and in the end. So the whole show I just sit there. Bye Bye Birdie I think is gonna be really good. Our chorus sounds pretty strong, and when we were working on the scenes the other day, they looked like they’re gonna turn out really well.

Now to the good stuff…

Thursday night Ashley invited us over to watch the OC. The best part was that Ricky Molina was gonna be there! So we got there at like 7:30, and Ricky had left to eat dinner, but he was coming back. Everyone was so obvious. Ashley has a big couch, a small couch, and a chair in her family room. Ashley, Jana, and Kayla were squished onto the small couch, Maggie was in the chair, and Brian was on one end of the big couch and I was on the other, leaving the ONLY spot right next to me. So when he got there, he had no choice but to sit there. lol. Kayla took like a million pictures of “Bridgette”, but they were really of me and Ricky not paying attention. I’ll post them all later. (I also have to post the smore-party pictures!)

Then Saturday night was “Hairspray”! It was AMAZING! Hawk from Days played Link! I love it so much. It was adorable. I bought a sweatshirt. I like… haven’t taken it off since yesterday. lol.

But yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER!
Well, first of all, I slept at Kara’s Saturday night with Lane, but she had to leave really early in the morning. So when we finally woke up we picked Emily up and went out to breakfast at 84 Diner. I had pancakes with “fresh strawberries” (as opposed to fake ones?) they were SOO good! Then we pretty much just drove around taking totally random pictures. It was a lot of fun.
Then when I got home, Uncle John was here! But him and Daddy were watching the Patriots game (“my team!”) lol. So me and Jana went to Blockbuster and rented Napoleon Dynamite, cause it’s the BEST movie ever. lol. Then we watched it, and started getting ready to go to Ashley’s house. We got there at like 8:15 and Ricky’s and Pricilla’s cars were already there. So then Maggie was like “Ok. Well, we’re not all gonna fit, so Ricky do you wanna drive?” So he said yes and Pricilla Jana and Ashley were like “We’re all riding together, Carlee you have to go with Ricky!” =)
So it was me and Ricky in his car, Ashley Jana Pricilla and Kayla in Ashley’s car and Brian and Maggie in her car. It was amazing! Then when we got there, Me, Maggie, Brian, and Ricky were on one team and the rest of them were on the other team. I am the worst bowler of ALL time. I got 2 balls stuck in the gutter! lol. Then afterwards, we had our “same car seats” and we all went to the gas station, and then to Pricilla’s house, and then to the drive-through Starbucks, and then to Ashley’s house. So I had some very valuable time alone with Ricky. lol. I’m such a nerd! We had good conversations too. We talked about college, and school, and cars. lol. Lots of stuff. It was so great!
Then when we went back to Ashley’s house we played “Dirty Minds”. The greatest game EVER! Its all dirty lines that describe everyday objects. It’s so funny!

Then we went home, and all day today I’ve pretty much been hanging out.

Ok. Well I g2g. I’m gonna put pictures in here soon, but for now, they’re all in my profile! So sheckk it out!

Love you!

♥Carlee Aiken

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Quiz Time! [Jan 9 05 ` 4 13 pm]
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Your LJ Christmas Party by cerulean_dreams
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Dressed up as Santalittleemoashley
Kissed you Under the Mistletoeskank_to_this
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WOW [Jan 9 05 ` 3 40 pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Wow. I know this isnt gonna happen.. But listen to how cute:

Emo Boyfriend
Favourite Color
His Name Andy
His Looks/Style Curly-ish brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, labret pierced, tight tshirts, tight pants, skate shoes
How you met School
How he tells you he loves you Sits outside your house at 2 in the morning and plays guitar and sings (very well) "Only One" by Yellowcard
What he calls you Princess
How far you've gone just kissing and holding hands *blush*
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New - Help with love and dating!

But whats a labret? lol

Only 1 hour and 20 minutes left!

This day is like flying by. And only 2 people have been in. LoL.
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Back Again [Jan 9 05 ` 3 01 pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Im back. LoL.


As soon as Bob left.. (He told me he'd be back in an hour or so) I locked the door, and put a sign up that said "Back in 10 Minutes" then I went over to the ultimately skeeevy 7-11. It was full of nasty old men staring at me. And there were a lot of people in there. So I didnt wanna just grab the box of tampons. LoL. So I was like walking around the store for a little.. waiting for it to clear out. Thank GOD I was on the phone with Jackie. LoL. It was like.. the scariest moment EVER. So after like 5 minutes.. some people were leaving and I figured if I didnt get in line soon.. I would just have to be in there a lot longer. So I grabbed the smallest box of tampons they had. And started walking to the counter like trying to hide it. LoL. I was so embarrassed. Ive never had to buy them before. Its different when your in like Publix or Walgreens or something.. But nope. I was in a nasty ass 7-11. So finally I get to the front of the line and the casheir guy is like a 7-foot tall black man with dreds and he was like trying not to smile or look at me... lol. It was pretty funny. But I got em. And now Im good.

LoL. What a lovely entry huh?

Someone PLEASE comment in my previous entry so I can draw you pictures! PLEASE? I really wanna. Its so fun! I promise Ill draw one for anyone who comments! =)

♥ Carlee

I think Ive listend to my Jesse CD like 100 times or more today. lol.

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"What a beautiful chocolate man. He he he he heee" [Jan 9 05 ` 10 27 am]
[ mood | dirty ]

1. Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw you a picture, using the mighty MS Paint.

2. You have no say in what I draw you! Or in how much it will suck! (And believe me, it will!)

3. Put this in your journal. And the pic someone drew for you.

Kara rocks!

ANYWAYS. Whats up guys? I havent updated in so long. And Ive half-updated and then just deleted it like 100 times. I dunno. But I promise. I'll update this time. First time in like.. almost a month. Sowwy.

So Christmas break..

I have worked more days then Ive been home. Ive hung out with my friends 3 or 4 times. And I have not gotten more sleep then I do on school nights.

But it's been fun!

Im working at the Swimming Hall of Fame. I just sit in the museum from 9-5 and get $7 an hour. That doesnt sound like great money... But when your getting $56 a day for sitting on your butt and doing whatever you feel like doing. Its pretty easy money.

So thats cool.

I worked, starting the day after Christmas, 26-30 and then 2-5, the 7th, and today (the 9th). Im leaving here with $560!!!

Thats almost double what I have in my bank account. LoL. So Im pretty happy. Plus I got like $300 in Christmas money. So I would say that Im pretty rich. LoL.

Thursday was Erys birthday!! It was so nice. I think we were having some "communication problems" lol. It sounds so stupid.. but really we were. But I think, and hope that now everything is all better.

Me, Ery and Kara went to Saw Grass. We had lunch at the "Shescek" Factory and it was sooo good. Then we shopped around for a bit. We were in that Saks store for like a million ba-gillion hours. Air and Kara both got juicy shirts. Very cute. LoL. Then we went to Speks so I could get my Clay Aiken Christmas DVD, which Im so upset that I havent gotten yet. And the guy said that "the company sends back all of its unsold Christmas stuff after Christmas" and that "I probably cant get one until next Christmas" Stupid guy. Im sure I can find one somewhere. And if I cant I can always get it online.

Then yesterday I went to the beach with Jana Ashley and Pricilla. It was a lot of fun. Ashley and Pricilla are so nice! I got some nice color too. Mainly under my boobs.. which isnt the best place to get it.. But whatever.

Then last night Jana was gonna go to Round Up with Ashley and Pricilla but Pricilla couldnt go out.. So instead Ashley came over and we made lots of smores and watched White Chicks. It was fun. I'll post the pictures later.. I dont have my camera with me right now.

Yeah... so.. I thought my "friend" was coming all week. I have been very prepared for "her" all week. So when she didnt come by yesterday.. I stopped being prepared. Yeah. Well.. here I am at work.. and guess what! She suprised me! And Im SO not prepared... If you catch my drift.. LoL. Gross, huh?

Ok. Well.. thats all for now. Maybe Ill update later.. Being as its only 10:43 and Im here until 5 with nothing to do. But Bob's upstairs doing some work.. so I dont think I can be on the computer all day. I hope he leaves soon. Hes nice and all.. But Id rather him not be here. LoL.

Well Laurie just called and asked me to vacuum. So.. I'll go do that.


♥Carlee Aiken

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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! [Dec 16 04 ` 9 15 pm]
[ mood | giddy ]


Well, the show is officially cast.
Kim MacAfee: Kristen DellaPace
Albert: Jason
Rosie: Kristin Carillo
Mr. MacAfee: Bobby
Mrs. MacAfee: Allison Spense
Gloria Rasputen: AIR BEAR!
Ursula Merkle: Katie Crawford
Hugo: Danny Escoto
Mae Peterson: Emily!

And everyone else is gonna be assigned at our first reading. SO EVERYONE BETTER BE THERE! Im so excited! I think its gonna be awesome! I love all of the people that are in it! Theres not one person that I dont get along with and that makes me happier then EVER.


Christmas is next week! Im so excited! Only 2 more full days of first quarter. Then second quarter then summer then senior year and then college! Wow its gonna be here fast.

We have presents under the tree =). Its so exciting!

Ok.. well I must go shower my stanky "ba-toosh". Ill update later!

Love you

♥ Carlee Aiken

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Holas mis amigos! [Dec 10 04 ` 9 43 pm]
[ mood | Bad Head Ache ]

Wow. What is it with me and this non-updating trend?

So. School-sucks. As always. That hasnt changed at all.
Drama is becoming more and more time consuming but I guess I better be getting myself ready for all of those extremely long rehearsals.

Can I just say how exciting it was to get to watch everyone's audutions? So many people did SUCH a good job! We're not even close to getting the cast yet. We wont know anything until after call backs monday. Which I am also very pleased to say that we made the BEST decision EVER EVER possible for something. But I cant say anything else until everything is all posted.

But Im so happy about it!!!

I got a hair cut last week =)
I freaking LOVE Anthony Marino like.. more then life. He is the cutest little guy ever and I am always going to him for my hair. This was the first time I ever got layers which was exciting. But I just loved him so much! Hes so amazing!

Ok. Well Im so tired.. and I think Im gonna be working at the Swimming Hall of Fame tomorrow. So that means wake up early again. What else is knew?

If thats the case.. Im sure Ill be updating tomorrow.

Until then. I love you guys!

<3 Carlee Aiken

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Wish me Good Luck! [Nov 21 04 ` 10 53 am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey Everyone.
So this could very well be the last time I update before my operation. Or maybe not. See.. the thing is, is that Im a tid bit sick. My nose is just a little stuffy and I have some what of a cough. So if I wake up tomorrow and still feel this sick... then I cant get my surgery.
Its so frustrating. Because Ive spent all of this time preparing myself for it, and getting nervous for it, and just getting myself ready for everything. And now to think that I might not even be able to get it? And if I dont... Then what? Do I get it Christmas break? Cause that would really suck. That is BY FAR Absolutely the last thing I want to do for my winter break. But if thats what it comes down to..
Whatever. I just have to get better by like.. tonight!

Anyways. Jackies birthday was friday!! It was really a lot of fun.
I made her sugar cookies with sprinkies =)
Friday night we went to On The Border and met up with like 30 people there. It was awesome! I loved hanging out with such a big group of people. And we're all so different. It was like.. The Drama group. Mimi and Ashley. Andrew Proia and his hole group. Paul. John Teeto and Katie Wise. LoL. It was so much fun! Afterwards most of us went back to Jackies house to watch White Chicks which I bought for her. lol. But her stupid cat was trying to KILL ME! It was the worst alergies Ive ever had. It was horrible. I couldnt even breathe. So my mommy came and picked me up =(. I wish I could have stayed longer. Then me and my mom had to go to Wendys to get Kayla food. So we get there and we pay and just as we're going to the pick up window.. The car in front of us decides that they're gonna order a million more things. So the man at the other window that we were stuck at was appologizing to us and telling us that the kids were "as high as the sky.. and their car smells like 'marri-guana'." LoL. It was funny. SO FINALLY they finish and we leave.. and we're in Embassy Lakes and just as we turn into Embassy Place.. TWO cop cars pull us over, not just one. But TWO. With the lights flashing and everything. And what ticked me off the most was that a stupid sophmore from my school was in uniform standung with the officer! What was his name.. like Ryan Sherwood or something I think. It was rediculous! So as my mom is looking for her regstartion she asks very politely "What did I do?" and he tells her that she ran a stop sign in front of The Estates. Come on! My mom would never run a stop sign. Maybe slow down and not stop all the way.. But she would never run it. And I would have noticed if she did.. Which she didnt. So she told him that maybe she rolled through it slightly.. But she would never just not stop. And he tells her she just kept on driving and didnt even slow down. But he didnt gove us a ticket.. Which is good.
Anyways. Yesterday was an OK day. I woke up to go to the doctors. Lets just say Im very dissapointed about the whole height thing. No other comments.
And I already wrote about the sick issue. If I get any worse.. blah blah blah.

Last night was my last night at Mazzolas!!!!!! WOOP WOOP! It was the worst night too. I was soooo busy and the restaurant was dead and Rosie Steve and Amanda were all just sitting ther not helping at all. Well Amanada was trying to.. but that was it. And Anthony was stealing the money as usual. LoL. Mike and Vinny were trying to help to. But Mike gave the wrong order to one person and when the guy came to pick up his order it wasnt there. And Joe got really mad. But whatever. And then this lady called and said she didnt get her soup when Vinny said he put it in there himself. And he told me everything was in there and I didnt need to check it. Whatever yet again. I made 19 in tips. Which was awesome. And when Jana picked me up we rented Elf. YAY!

And that was all. I think Im going to the beach. So Im gonna go get ready. Ill update later if I get a chance. If not. Bye everyone!

♥ Carlee Aiken

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[Nov 14 04 ` 12 41 pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Wow. Talk about not updating EVER.
Hmm.. where did I leave off?

Halloween was pretty uneventful. We went to the beach for a little while and I dont remember if it was a good beach day or a bad beach day. Danny was there! He moved back from South Carolina.. or wherever he was. LoL. Im so happy! I really missed him!
Then I went home and passed out candy all night. Kara came over for a little while and we watched Scream I think. I dont remember what we watched. Then Abby came over and we made our Justin shirts. LoL. The markers smelled so bad.
Then that week was the show. The Pioneer one on Thursday morning went well. Except the stupid 8th graders left a stink bomb. Ugh. There s stupid. I saw Mr. Bocchino! I love that man!! He remembered me! I was so excited! Then I worker thursday night. Then the show friday for the cappies was really good. Afterwards we went to IHOP. And Kara asked what time they sold pancakes till. lmao. It was funny. But it wasnt all that fun. No one really felt good and everyone was so tired. So it was just blah. Then saturday we had like a 2 person picic. LoL. How fun was that? Then satuday we had senior speeches. Those are always great. We all were crying so much. I couldnt even do chipper I was so upset. And David Gunion just HAD to put me in his speech to make me feel more sad. =(. The show was so blah that night. I guess cause everyone was just sad and blah feeling. LoL. Then we had the cast party at Tommys. It was SOOOOOO fun! Unexpectedly too. We played DDR and Jenga and just sang on the top of our lungs for hours. It was so much fun. LoL. I left with absolutely no voice at all. Then Sunday we went to the beach and it was relaxing. I love just laying in the water. Its so nice. Then this week hasnt been to exciting. I had a doctors appointment on tuesday. We've settled on the Hamstring surgury. For the 22nd. At Weston Surgical Center. Eeee. Its all getting so final =(. Then we had a Districts rehearsal and Mrs Terl wasnt all that happy with our scene. But it was getting there. Then I worked wednesday and trained Mario the butt-head. Ugh. Then I worked thursday. Then friday I left school early and went to get blook taken. Three big tubes! Also we had another districts rehearsal and it went so much better. Then me and Kara slept at Ericas house. In MY ROOM! =).
So Districts yesterday. It was fun... but not like last year. I dunno. Last year I guess there were just more people and it was so much louder. And crazier. This year was nice. Heritage is SOOO beautiful! I was so freaked out all day about our scene. Especially when I found out that we had to preform on the MAIN STAGE. aah. Me and Air had to timekeep/ doorhold from 9 to 12. We saw some of the WORST monologues EVER. They were so bad!!!!! Like I dont even know why people wanna make themselves look so stupid like that. We saw like.. 2 or 3 good ones. Then we had lunch and then we had to go watch our performances. We saw Laureens monologues Stephanies Jasons and Allisons monlogues. And they all did really well. Then we saw Sams solo. The girl who went before her was soooo amazing. She sang a song from Wicked and it literally took my breath away. OMG it was sooo good. AAh I almost forgot. This kis Jonathan Flores from South was doing his monlogues. He did his first one and everyone was like 'ok. he has a spanish accent. but dont really know where this is going.' then he started his second one. We all knew something was up cause he was wearing a beige button down shirt with a black tank top on and red button-side pants. So he starts his second one and hes a stripper. So hes talking about 'dancing real sexy but not faggy or anything joo know' lol. So he takes his first shirt off. And Im like 'ok.. not supposed to do that but whatever' then he takes the second shirt off and im like 'ok reeeally not supposed to do that' but then when you think hes done everything wrong.. he rips his pants off!!!!!! so now hes dancing in his boxers saying 'pump it and pump it' and everything is bouncing and swinging and hes sticking his hands in his pants saying to put money in 'his trousers' and everyone is just laughing and sooo shocked. The thing is is that he didnt tell Zembuch he was doing that monologue. He changed it like last minute. But OMG it was SOOO funny.
So anyways blah blah blah. It comes time to do our scene. Everyone was CRACKIGN UP as we were doing it. Laughing at the way we were moving and at the lines and it was going sooo good. It was one of the best we've ever done it I thought. I was sooo happy with the way it went. And it was our last event. So then we had to wait around. Critics choices were announced and Moby Dick won!!! So then came the ceremony. And everyone performed and they started to annouce the excellents and superiors and what not. We got an excellent on our scene. Which was a little bit of a bummer just cause I thought we did so good. But it was still awesome! Excellent is a really good score. Stripper boy got an excellent too! LMAO. Afterwards I ate dinner with my family and it was really good and then they all decided to play cards so I went to Andrews with Kara and Erica and we all just kinda hung out in his backyard. Erica didnt feel good so she went home early. Andrew has this couch swing thing and it was soooooo nice. Me and Kara were like falling asleep on it. I got home close to 12:30 which was bad cause I told my mom Id be home by 12. eee. But shes cool. She wasnt mad. So today my plan is to clean my room. So Im gonna go do that.

I love you alll!!

Hopefully Ill update before my surgury! eeee.


&HEARTS; Carlee Aiken

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