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Wish me Good Luck!

Hey Everyone.
So this could very well be the last time I update before my operation. Or maybe not. See.. the thing is, is that Im a tid bit sick. My nose is just a little stuffy and I have some what of a cough. So if I wake up tomorrow and still feel this sick... then I cant get my surgery.
Its so frustrating. Because Ive spent all of this time preparing myself for it, and getting nervous for it, and just getting myself ready for everything. And now to think that I might not even be able to get it? And if I dont... Then what? Do I get it Christmas break? Cause that would really suck. That is BY FAR Absolutely the last thing I want to do for my winter break. But if thats what it comes down to..
Whatever. I just have to get better by like.. tonight!

Anyways. Jackies birthday was friday!! It was really a lot of fun.
I made her sugar cookies with sprinkies =)
Friday night we went to On The Border and met up with like 30 people there. It was awesome! I loved hanging out with such a big group of people. And we're all so different. It was like.. The Drama group. Mimi and Ashley. Andrew Proia and his hole group. Paul. John Teeto and Katie Wise. LoL. It was so much fun! Afterwards most of us went back to Jackies house to watch White Chicks which I bought for her. lol. But her stupid cat was trying to KILL ME! It was the worst alergies Ive ever had. It was horrible. I couldnt even breathe. So my mommy came and picked me up =(. I wish I could have stayed longer. Then me and my mom had to go to Wendys to get Kayla food. So we get there and we pay and just as we're going to the pick up window.. The car in front of us decides that they're gonna order a million more things. So the man at the other window that we were stuck at was appologizing to us and telling us that the kids were "as high as the sky.. and their car smells like 'marri-guana'." LoL. It was funny. SO FINALLY they finish and we leave.. and we're in Embassy Lakes and just as we turn into Embassy Place.. TWO cop cars pull us over, not just one. But TWO. With the lights flashing and everything. And what ticked me off the most was that a stupid sophmore from my school was in uniform standung with the officer! What was his name.. like Ryan Sherwood or something I think. It was rediculous! So as my mom is looking for her regstartion she asks very politely "What did I do?" and he tells her that she ran a stop sign in front of The Estates. Come on! My mom would never run a stop sign. Maybe slow down and not stop all the way.. But she would never run it. And I would have noticed if she did.. Which she didnt. So she told him that maybe she rolled through it slightly.. But she would never just not stop. And he tells her she just kept on driving and didnt even slow down. But he didnt gove us a ticket.. Which is good.
Anyways. Yesterday was an OK day. I woke up to go to the doctors. Lets just say Im very dissapointed about the whole height thing. No other comments.
And I already wrote about the sick issue. If I get any worse.. blah blah blah.

Last night was my last night at Mazzolas!!!!!! WOOP WOOP! It was the worst night too. I was soooo busy and the restaurant was dead and Rosie Steve and Amanda were all just sitting ther not helping at all. Well Amanada was trying to.. but that was it. And Anthony was stealing the money as usual. LoL. Mike and Vinny were trying to help to. But Mike gave the wrong order to one person and when the guy came to pick up his order it wasnt there. And Joe got really mad. But whatever. And then this lady called and said she didnt get her soup when Vinny said he put it in there himself. And he told me everything was in there and I didnt need to check it. Whatever yet again. I made 19 in tips. Which was awesome. And when Jana picked me up we rented Elf. YAY!

And that was all. I think Im going to the beach. So Im gonna go get ready. Ill update later if I get a chance. If not. Bye everyone!

♥ Carlee Aiken
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