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Wow. I know this isnt gonna happen.. But listen to how cute:

Emo Boyfriend
Favourite Color
His Name Andy
His Looks/Style Curly-ish brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, labret pierced, tight tshirts, tight pants, skate shoes
How you met School
How he tells you he loves you Sits outside your house at 2 in the morning and plays guitar and sings (very well) "Only One" by Yellowcard
What he calls you Princess
How far you've gone just kissing and holding hands *blush*
This fun quiz by _shelovedaboy - Taken 66884 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

But whats a labret? lol

Only 1 hour and 20 minutes left!

This day is like flying by. And only 2 people have been in. LoL.
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its a piercing right below your lip