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I really like him =)


Wow. What an amazing week (end). Surprisingly!

I wasn’t really expecting this week to be so great, considering it was the first week back to school, I had my period, and I had to be as school every day until 9:00. But everything turned out for the best!

I think I’m really gonna enjoy my classes. I have a good schedule. I have English first hour with Hrabak. He’s pretty tough, but I think overall it’s gonna be a really good class. Then second hour I have Peer Counseling. I love it! We haven’t even done much yet, but I still really like it. Then I have drama third hour. I like being in the class, but sometimes it’s a little much to see the same people for 90 minutes during the school day, and then for another few hours after school. I dunno. Hopefully when the play starts Mrs. Terl will be easy on us =/. Last, I have Anatomy. SO BORING! I hope once the dissections start I’ll be more into it. It’s a good class, but I really just wanna sleep during it. All Mr. Gallimore does is lecture.

Rehearsals have been ok. Love Letters is pretty boring for me to sit through. All I do is bring up the music slowly in the beginning, and in the end. So the whole show I just sit there. Bye Bye Birdie I think is gonna be really good. Our chorus sounds pretty strong, and when we were working on the scenes the other day, they looked like they’re gonna turn out really well.

Now to the good stuff…

Thursday night Ashley invited us over to watch the OC. The best part was that Ricky Molina was gonna be there! So we got there at like 7:30, and Ricky had left to eat dinner, but he was coming back. Everyone was so obvious. Ashley has a big couch, a small couch, and a chair in her family room. Ashley, Jana, and Kayla were squished onto the small couch, Maggie was in the chair, and Brian was on one end of the big couch and I was on the other, leaving the ONLY spot right next to me. So when he got there, he had no choice but to sit there. lol. Kayla took like a million pictures of “Bridgette”, but they were really of me and Ricky not paying attention. I’ll post them all later. (I also have to post the smore-party pictures!)

Then Saturday night was “Hairspray”! It was AMAZING! Hawk from Days played Link! I love it so much. It was adorable. I bought a sweatshirt. I like… haven’t taken it off since yesterday. lol.

But yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER!
Well, first of all, I slept at Kara’s Saturday night with Lane, but she had to leave really early in the morning. So when we finally woke up we picked Emily up and went out to breakfast at 84 Diner. I had pancakes with “fresh strawberries” (as opposed to fake ones?) they were SOO good! Then we pretty much just drove around taking totally random pictures. It was a lot of fun.
Then when I got home, Uncle John was here! But him and Daddy were watching the Patriots game (“my team!”) lol. So me and Jana went to Blockbuster and rented Napoleon Dynamite, cause it’s the BEST movie ever. lol. Then we watched it, and started getting ready to go to Ashley’s house. We got there at like 8:15 and Ricky’s and Pricilla’s cars were already there. So then Maggie was like “Ok. Well, we’re not all gonna fit, so Ricky do you wanna drive?” So he said yes and Pricilla Jana and Ashley were like “We’re all riding together, Carlee you have to go with Ricky!” =)
So it was me and Ricky in his car, Ashley Jana Pricilla and Kayla in Ashley’s car and Brian and Maggie in her car. It was amazing! Then when we got there, Me, Maggie, Brian, and Ricky were on one team and the rest of them were on the other team. I am the worst bowler of ALL time. I got 2 balls stuck in the gutter! lol. Then afterwards, we had our “same car seats” and we all went to the gas station, and then to Pricilla’s house, and then to the drive-through Starbucks, and then to Ashley’s house. So I had some very valuable time alone with Ricky. lol. I’m such a nerd! We had good conversations too. We talked about college, and school, and cars. lol. Lots of stuff. It was so great!
Then when we went back to Ashley’s house we played “Dirty Minds”. The greatest game EVER! Its all dirty lines that describe everyday objects. It’s so funny!

Then we went home, and all day today I’ve pretty much been hanging out.

Ok. Well I g2g. I’m gonna put pictures in here soon, but for now, they’re all in my profile! So sheckk it out!

Love you!

♥Carlee Aiken
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