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I've started updating like 100 times and then just got bored and gave up. But I'm really updating now. lol.

Well the last time I was wrote I was just upset cause of this thing that happened that doesn't even seem important anymore.

But the time before that I talked about how I was doing sound for the Variety Show. Well.. I did it. lol. It went pretty well. Thursday night SUCKED majorly cause Mr Brunt decided he wanted to control the mic's on the PA system from the audience.. and yeah.. it didn't work out so well. So then Friday.. Joey Kadin.. being the genius that he is... figured out how to use our monitors and everything sounded great!

I realized something doing the Variety Show. I realized it that Friday (so like.. a little over a week ago). I realized that I like someone a lot more then Ricky. You all know who it is... but for the sake of weird people randomly reading my journal.. lets just call him J. Remember how I said he started flirting with me when I stopped liking him? Well I don't know if thats what started it.. or if it was cause I was spending so much more time with him.. but the feelings came back. Really strong. I knew I still liked him.. but until right before the show on Friday I thought I liked Ricky more. When we got there for rehearsal I sat with him in Mr Brunts room and helped him edit his movie. It was awesome. lol. It was just the two of us.. haha. I loved it. Then I had to go back for the show. But it was fun while it lasted! Then when everyone started coming in.. I saw Mr. Ricky. I was freaking out. Like I was so happy to see him and I went to say hi and he gave me a hug and.. I was happy. But then I went back up to the booth and J came up to ask a question and I was just so much happier to see him. Like.. I liked Ricky when Im around him. Like when Im talking to him or when I see him in the hall.. But I like J all the time. Like.. it never goes away. So I dunno.

But I told Keith that I liked him and he said he would talk to him but I dunno if he has yet or not. It was so cute! On Wednesday during the 10 minute break between exams we were standing near them and (they all were talking about Tully's Europe trip) I was asking him if he was excited about going to Italy and everything and he was saying how he wasn't packed yet and I was telling him how to fold his shirts and everything. It sounds so stupid but it was so adorable! I was making him laugh =). It was so cute! lol. I love him!

Anyways... Exams were aright. Hrabak's was hard. It was all essays and I didn't finish. I hope I got at least a C though.. so I can keep my A. But then Mrs. Lashbrooks exam was really long.. but it wasn't really hard. So it was pretty good. Then Mrs. Terls we just got a grade for participating. And in Gali's class I got an A on the test! lol. Its so funny! Cause on my index card I put all of the diagrams, prefixes, and essays. I wasnt really worried about the multiple choice. So Josh (who luckily got seated next to me) had all of the multiple choice on his index card and nothing else. So we helped eachother out.. lol. It was good.

Bye Bye Birdies moving along.. slowly. I hope it comes out good. As much as I hate doing it.. Ive been doing it for so long that I really hope it comes out good.

States is coming up in like.. 2 weeks. Scary. Im so not ready. Im kinda excited. But not like EXTREMELY. I dunno. I just hope we dont fight or anything. I hope its good.

So this weekends been pretty good. Erica's sicky so she couldn't hang out with us =( but when she feels better we deffinately have to do something.

Wednesday after exams we went to the mall to wat lunch before rehearsal (Me Kara and Emily).. OOH before I forget to mention it.. Emily and Adam are going out now!!! =)
Anyways.. we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Afterwards we were just walking around and guess who I saw? Kellan! lol. It was so weird. My heart seriously went straight to my stomach when I saw him. Its not that I still like him.. I guess its just that I never see him so when I do I get really excited cause he was a big thing to me.. I dunno. He was nice.. lol. Then we went to rehearsal.. and that was stupid.
Then thursday after exams I went to the mall again with Jana and Mommy and we didnt really get anything then Mommy dropped me and Neen off at Old Navy and I bought an outfit that Ive been dying for!! Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got a frappacinno and Jana got the Snapple Facts book. Then we waited outside for Jamie and read all the facts. There so interesting. And random. But really interesting. lol.
Then Friday me and Emily went to Beverly HIlls Cage for lunch and then she drove to rehearsal. Woo. lol. Shes a good driver! (I wore my new outfit!!) Then after rehearsal we went to play Lazer Tag! OMG It was SOO fun! I tried to make my name "LAZ-BO" but "hot lava" (The guy that worked there) said it wasn't family friendly.. so I made it "Bo-LAZ" instead. It was still funny. lol. Lazer tag is the best thing ever! Haha! Its a big dark maze with Michael Myers music playing and just like 30 people running around shooting at eachother! It was so fun! We played 3 games. My second name was CLAY AIKEN and my third was STIFFLER. lol. I did the best as Clay. My startegy was to just stay upstairs and shoot at people from over the railings and stuff. lol. It worked. I placed 9th. haha. It was so fun!
Then yesterday after rehearsal Kara was gonna come watch Raise Your Voice but we decided to go see the Ring 2 instead. So we went to the AMC Ridge plaza and met up with Jon and Matt Marina and James somebody and we saw the movie. Haha. it really was a joke! Like parts of if were ok.. but other parts were just so stupid! It reminded me of something we would play with the girls when we were little back in out "Murderer in the Creek" days. haha. Like with the well and everything. lol. It was pretty comical. After that we were gonna go to Chocolate Mousse but its 21 and over.. so we were thinking of what to do when Jonny Florez came and met us there. It was pretty random.. And we were sitting around talking for a while when Jonny and whoever his friend was decided they wanted to go to Hard Rock. So they told us to follow them and meet up there but me and Kara being goody goodies decided it would not be the smartest thing in the world to go to Hard Rock with boys who dont know much english. SO we told them Jon needed a ride home and we'd call them after we dropped him off. So we called him at like 11:30 and said that I needed to be home and we'd hang out some other time. haha. It was so funny! Jonny's so hot but his friend was so weird!
And today Im just hanging out.. lol.

And Im gonna go now.. but maybe I'll update later or something.


♥Carlee Aiken
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