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iN tHe CoMpUtEr LaB....... WOOP WOOP! lol

Wow. How long has it been since I updated? Haha. Sorry guys.
States was pretty awesome! I really had a good time. Im so happy that me and Ery and Kara and Jackie roomed together. It wouldnt have been half as good if we didnt.
Our troup did really well. We got a SUPERIOR TECH on Love Letters and an Excellent Performance. Jason, and Sam got superiors on their monologues. Jackie and Katie and Julie got an Excellent on their scene (even though they should have gotten a superior). I think Allison got an Excellent on her monologue but I dont remember. (Sorry Spanky.. I still love you though!)
ANYWAYS. Freakin Jenna and Yelena got to room like.. pretty much with Jonny Florez. haha. They had one of those connecting rooms. How? I dunno. But I wish it was our room! Me and Kara were in there all the time anyways. lol. Until Mrs Terl freaked out and didnt let us socialize with the opposite sex! haha. It was pretty funny though.
So on the last day.. I met this boy named Seth who was so adorable and he was my "date to the dance" haha. He was a mime! lmao. He was a cutie. And so.. at Closing Ceremonies.. Mrs Terl decides to tell us that we're all in trouble and she needed to talk to us afterwards. So.. we got "talked to" lol. No need to say more. And then we got to go to the dance and it was a lot of fun. I can really say that I like all of the people on my troup now. I mean sure, theres a few exceptions.. but for the most part.. everyones pretty cool.
So since states.. things have been the same old. School sucks. 4 weeks from yesterday is our last day! I cant wait! This summers gonna be hectic. June 2nd is the last day of school. June 4th is my SAT's. June 10th I get my license (hopefully)and then after that is my surgery! eee.

I g2g. We are being excommunicated from the computer lab. Ill update later!

♥Carlee Aiken

PS. I LOVE Constantine on American Idol and when he got kicked off it was the second worse episode EVER! But this week when Scott left.. It was pretty much the best episode! =)
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