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Im just so happy lately =)
Me and Erica are hanging out so much more and I love it! We've only been on vacation for.. not even a week and Ive already been SHOPPING with her and her mom twice. lol. And Im not a shopper.. but it was so fun!
Its been a good summer so far. Completely random.. and weird.. but good =)
I can tell its gonna be a good one. Im just in one of those moods where you just kinda let things roll over you. and like.. Im trying not to let things bother me. And not even in a non-confrontaional kind of way.. but just like.. i wanna relax and have fun and not worry about whose amd at who and who isnt friends with who this week ya know?
I need a job like woah. Im thinking Jamba Juice. Perhaps my mommy will let me drive over there tomorrow or something.
Oh speaking of driving.. i got lessons today! lmao. I have an appointment for my test on friday. Im kinda nervous. But Al (my teacher) was really cool. He was funny and nice and took me all over the place. It was fun. I have another class thing tomorrow. So hopefully I'll pass my test. And hopefully I'll be able to drive eventually.

Another bit of news: I started weight watchers with Jana and April! We started 3 weeks ago.. I didnt go to the meeting yesterday so I dont know how much Ive lost this week.. but so far I know Ive lost 5 1/2 pounds! Its awesome! My goal is like20, 25 pounds. For my height I need to be lighter. lol. its cool.

Ok well I think Im donw updating now. Im sure I wont update for a while again. lol. ttyl

♥ CaRLeE

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